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In-Cosmetics 2015: Algea presents the very latest news for the fight against skin aging

At the 25th edition of the fair, Algea will illustrate the effectiveness of its ingredients based on brown alga, from the most advanced scientific research and an expertise of over 75 years

Algea, as the worldwide reference point for high quality ingredients based on algae for over 75 years, will be present at the 25th edition of In-Cosmetics in Barcelona from the 14th to the 16th April. During the fair Algea will illustrate the very latest in the industry of cosmetics and personal care, ingredients which are the result of advanced research and exclusive technology of the Valagro group, GeaPower®.
In particular, one of the most important changes at this year's In-Cosmetics will be AlgeaEsthe Cream: new scientific studies in fact demonstrate its effectiveness in helping to reduce under eye bags and dark circles. The area around the eyes is extremely sensitive and as we get older, the skin by nature weakens and becomes less elastic, and as a result puffy eyes or dark circles become more evident. AlgeaEsthe Cream is an ingredient of tested effectiveness, which - used for example in beauty creams, serums, gels and products for the eyes - nourishes, moisturises and strengthens the skin: the benefits are a visible reduction of bags under the eyes and dark circles, in addition to a general tone, face colour and brightness improvement these parameters were also tested in vitro and in vivo.
AlgeaEsthe Cream (along with AlgeaEsthe Powder and AlgeaEsthe Fucose) are specially formulated products for the cosmetic industry made available to the market by the AlgeaEsthe Division: they are phytocomplexes and concentrates rich in natural active substances such as marine antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help in a natural way to keep your skin more healthy, strong and beautiful.
“The presence of Algea at In-Cosmetics is well established and demonstrates our desire to grow in an area that we consider strategic for the Group's business in the medium to long term Giuseppe Natale, CEO of the Valagro Group- said – that is why we are continuously investing in research and development to study the increasingly new applications of the extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum, whose beneficial properties have also been used in the field of nutraceuticals for human nutrition for example”. In vivo tests showed a statistically significant reduction of the colour of dark circles and 45% of the volunteers reported a reduction of bags through their direct assessment.
Algea, vital asset of the Valagro Group, is one of the leading companies in the world for high quality ingredients based on algae and works at the most extreme latitudes in Norway to collect brown alga in a sustainable way Ascophyllum nodosum, thus providing the market with highly innovative products with great added-value.
In-Cosmetics is the biggest stage in the world today to present the latest innovations in the field of ingredients for personal care and well-being. More than 680 exhibitors and thousands of professionals from all over the world will be present this year in Barcelona to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this fair. Launched in 1990, in this quarter of a century, In-Cosmetics has grown tenfold parallel to the beauty and personal care industry, currently worth 454 billion dollars.