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The future of agriculture relies on innovation

Our innovation on display at the 100th edition of the ISF World Seed Congress  

Innovation is potentially an overused word in our industry in the most recent years, but it can change the face of agriculture thanks to advanced technologies and science-based solutions in the hands of farmers.

This was the main topic of the discussions that our Syngenta Biologicals and Seedcare team brought at the 100th edition of the ISF World Seed Congress in Rotterdam in May.

The experts of Syngenta Seedcare, the leader in world-class research and innovation to bring customers advanced conventional and biological seed treatments, joined the conversation to present our cutting-edge biocontrol solutions and TYMIRIUM® technology and to showcase the importance of digitalization to help farmers protect their crops and make the most out of their yield.  

Marc Besse, Product Management Biologicals & Seedcare Lead, and Dominic Chatwin, Technical Expert Seedcare and Product Manager Upstream, took the floor during the panel “Looking to the Future: Understanding Control Methods for Fusarium and Pythium” focusing on RIZODERMA™ and DERANCE™ the seed applied biocontrols that offer outstanding control of fusarium and pythium, two of the biggest enemies for a farmer as both key seed and soil-borne diseases that are important to be controlled, thus the potential and impact of trends such as regenerative agriculture practices for the future of agriculture.

Andreas Lankow, Agricultural Solutions Portfolio Head, engaged in a fruitful dialogue with Will Salter, Global Head Seedcare Institute, in the framework of the session “Seeding Success with Digital Innovation”, to delve into the topic of how digitalization in agriculture, namely trial locations and data gathering from farmers worldwide, play a key role to innovate and assist growers with new tools and technology.

Both the sessions, on  Monday and Tuesday, were live-streamed and are still available on YouTube on Channel World Seed by ISF.

This is also the second year Syngenta Seedcare sponsored the Women’s Luncheon, featuring a panel dedicated to leading female voices in the industry. Fenna Kester, Seedcare Strategy and Business Development Lead, Europe, joined other panelists who talked with the other participants about overcoming obstacles, tackling challenges, mentoring, and female leadership within the agricultural sector.

All our experts engaged the conversation with channel partners, and customers to let them know more about our portfolio and how our science-based innovations, both above and below the ground, help farmers grow their crops maximizing food production, cutting emissions, and regenerating nature.

If you want to know more about ISF watch the highlights here.