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We started this journey as Syngenta and Valagro,
now we are one community, one team,
shaping together the future of agriculture.
We are Syngenta Biologicals.

Want to know more about Biologicals?

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Biologicals and regenerative agriculture

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Find out how to overcome abiotic stress

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Environmental Product Declaration, our commitment to sustainability

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We have always created
innovative solutions
for the nutrition and well-being of plants

Using science
to harness
the potential of Nature

We follow a rigorous path
in order to guarantee
effectiveness to our customers

We are meeting the needs of humanity
by helping to produce more
using fewer resources

e-Hub, the official repository of Valagro know-how in your hand!
Start your #virtualtour to discover the Valagro world!
The new Valagro Farm Solution Catalogue is now available
Biostimulants a tool for the improvement of production quality
A constantly growing Research and Development process