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As ‘consistent visionaries’, we build the future of biologicals. Joining our team, you will meet continuous learners and trusted advisors.

In Syngenta Biologicals, we mobilize the best company resources to transform what we strongly want to see about in the world, a sustainable future, for people and nature. We in motion the expertise, capability and passion to be the number one choice, for our customers and collaborators.  

Our focus on innovation and results enables us to grow in a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace. The possibility to orient our careers across a global environment, with multiple challenges and opportunities, is motivating.

So, joining our team, you will see how it can be fulfilling, working with such a meaningful ambition! We aim to leave a legacy for future generations. Your ideas, know-how, mindset, strengths, and talents will make a difference for the future of our planet, while you will benefit from working with passionate leaders and teams. Prepare yourself to excel in your professional journey, and together, we'll take on new challenges and achieve remarkable success.


Apply now and connect with us

If you are looking for a great place to work, Syngenta Biologicals is it! We encourage collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking, and real entrepreneurial spirit. We provide a solid ground for growing talent and high-performing teams.

Run through the Syngenta Biologicals Talent acquisition flow to submit your application. Apply via Join Us page, referring to a specific vacancy that resonates with your aspiration or with a general candidature, share your profile with a few simple clicks. If you are the finalist or not (yet!), we invite you to look at our talent acquisition flow as a journey to explore who we are and how interesting we are for you.

As an equal opportunity employer, we build a diverse pool of talents, and in our talent acquisition, as in all our people management and development practices, we commit to a no discrimination policy, for reasons of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, disability, or any other legally-protected status.

Unleashing your talent inside Syngenta Biologicals 

On day 1, your story with Syngenta Biologicals takes place and we value onboarding you, sharing knowledge and ways of working that will make you comfortable, welcomed and enabled to perform.
We also believe in the incredible potential within to drive your professional growth. As such, we encourage leaders to listen and talk with you about your career, planning together your next development opportunity, and offering what is necessary to get you there, including challenges in your role, enrichment of the job, projects, facilitation, coaching, mentorship and much more. Most of all, cultivating internal and external connections and keeping the continuous learning mindset will help you on next stage of your career. 


At Syngenta Biologicals you are both in a team inspired by a meaningful ambition, and an owner of your professional future. 

We promote physical, mental, and emotional value wellbeing and set programs and actions that help all stay healthy, happy, and satisfied. We take pride in our people, who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, as they bring unique perspectives and experiences that drive innovation and growth within our organization. That’s why we encourage you to bring your authentic self to work and to embrace your uniqueness. Join us on this path of self-discovery, authenticity and professional development. Together, let's create a sustainable future, where your potential flourishes, and we all thrive.