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Innovation powered by nature
Developing game-changing biologicals for the future of agriculture  

When we think about the future of agriculture, we already know that the role of the farmer is not going to be easy. On one hand, concerns are increasing about the occurrence of new crop pests and pathogens, resistance to traditional products, and the severe effects of abiotic stresses on plants due to climate change. On the other, the need to produce enough to feed the global population is more and more pressing in a world where health, peace and cooperation can't be taken for granted. Farmers need more and diverse solutions at their disposal to maintain outputs, quality and margins while keeping an eye on the health of the environment.

Biologicals are agricultural technologies that harness nature to protect and improve the health of food crops facing the stresses of today’s rapidly changing world. Biologicals offer farmers additional solutions to manage pests and diseases, address abiotic stress, and enhance nutrient use efficiency and soil health. They can also be used as a complement to traditional inputs. The three main types of biologicals are biocontrols, biostimulants and biofertilizers.

  • Biostimulants enhance and strengthen crops. They are applied to plants, seeds or to the root environment to stimulate the natural processes of plants, benefiting nutrient use efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress and crop quality.

  • Biocontrols control pests and diseases. They are naturally occurring materials that are used to control fungal and bacterial diseases, insect pests, nematodes and weeds.

  • Biofertilizers are microbial-based products that are used for fixing nitrogen, and to improve nutrient availability and uptake and promote plant growth.


Our classes of products can contain* :

active molecules and ingredients contained in plants or algae, which have an enhancing effect on plant physiology or act as a control agent towards target pests.

the building blocks of proteins, they provide positive effects on plant physiology, either administered as free aminoacids or as protein hydrolysates.

organic molecules normally present in the rhizosphere and involved in plants’ vital functions, such as solubilization and uptake of nutrients. Among those, humic and fulvic acids play a major role.

naturally-occurring molecules used for signalling among organisms, to alter the behavior of a target pest without toxic effects.

compounds of mineral origin that can be used for controlling various categories of pests.

beneficial microorganisms whose role is to increase the availability of nutrients in soil, create symbiotic associations with plants and help tackle biotic stress agents.

macro-organisms, like insects, mites or nematodes, used as a biocontrol method based on the concept of a “natural enemy”.

* Internal elaboration from Dunham Trimmer LLC

The innovation behind biologicals: How we make our biostimulants

Our biostimulants are designed, formulated and brought to market by means of our proprietary technology platform, GeaPower®
GeaPower® provides a systematic approach for the development and production of biologicals by leveraging on a combination of technologies, processes, know-how, and trade-secret knowledge. Inside our proprietary platform, chemistry, formulation development, microbiology, plant science and “omic sciences” are integrated and used to transform useful active ingredients into effective solutions that meet the expectations and needs of the farmers.


The technology platform GeaPower®: Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s well-being


Using science to harness the potential of nature with an eye toward environmental sustainability: This is the principle on which GeaPower® is based. It is the exclusive technology platform developed by Valagro to turn potential active ingredients into high quality biostimulants.

GeaPower® certifies an approach to excellence, based on four fundamental concepts: 

Deep knowledge of active ingredients and raw materials

Our in-depth knowledge of the biological and chemical characteristics of the raw materials - responsibly selected in pristine environments - allows us to identify, characterize and preserve the specific active ingredients that can help you reach targeted physiological responses in plants.

Proprietary extraction processes

For each raw material, and for each active ingredient, our researchers select and refine the most effective extraction process based on the desired solution.
Only in this way it is possible to preserve the active components in plants.
This is the real strength of our biostimulants.

Advanced screening and investigation technologies

Our laboratories identify the process of physical, chemical and biological classification of the substances present in the extracts obtained from raw materials.
We use genomics, phenomics, proteomics and metabolomics to decipher the genetic and molecular triggers and obtain specific physiological responses in plant systems. This helps us understand the way our biostimulants work.
Thanks to our technology, we can analyze more than dozens of prototypes and hundreds of samples per experiment to map physiological responses in different environmental conditions.

Ability to provide effective solutions to the customer's requirements

A perfect knowledge of functions related to the use of active ingredients extracted and characterized, and the ability to combine them, allows us to offer our customers the best solution for their needs.
Our Marketing and Research departments work very closely together because we believe it is essential to identify and offer to the market products with the best development potential.