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ALGEA attends “Vitafoods Europe”, the international trade fair for professionals in the nutraceutical sector

The Norwegian company of the Italian Group, Valagro, is taking part in the event organised in Geneva with its range of AlgeaFood products: seaweed-based ingredients for functional foods and nutritional supplements.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Algea, a Valagro Group company, will be present at "Vitafoods Europe", the international trade event for professionals in the nutraceutical sector, being held until 16 May in Geneva.
Based in Norway, where the ecosystem is still unspoiled and uncontaminated, Algea is the only company in the world located beyond the Arctic Circle producing seaweed based products, in particular from the brown alga, Ascophyllum nodosum.
During the event, Algea will demonstrate the benefits of the new AlgeaFood range, phyto-complexes obtained from pure Ascophyllum nodosum directly harvested and processed in Norway in technologically advanced, state of the art plants. This seaweed is rich in active components because it is toughened by the extreme climatic conditions of the Norwegian Sea, so it must be farmed carefully and sustainably in order to preserve the abundance of active ingredients it contains. In fact, as they are rich in polyphenols, mannitols, vitamins, minerals and alginates, AlgeaFood products offer an effective contribution to physical wellbeing.
Scientific studies conducted in collaboration with eminent Universities and Centres of Research have demonstrated the effectiveness of Algea products.
AlgeaFood Phyto” in particular is a useful aid in weight control, in that it can help with the reduction of white body fats and the inhibition of the enzyme alpha amylase, which is involved in the metabolism of complex carbohydrates, and provides benefits in terms of calorie absorption. “AlgeaFood Phyto” is also an effective substitute for salt and is the perfect ingredient for functional foods and nutritional supplements.

Moreover, in the study conducted with the Department of Endocrinology of the University of Pisa, we tested how the iodine contained in our products is highly bioavailable to the human body. “AlgeaFood I-Plus”, in particular, is excellent for supplementing iodine, an essential element at many stages of human life and also useful for enhancing the performance of athletes and sports enthusiasts who are looking for a natural energizer.

Giuseppe Natale, CEO of the Valagro Group said: “Algea's attendance at Vitafoods Europe confirms how the company continues to look to the future, towards the search for innovative solutions for human nutrition, in keeping with the development of the new frontiers of nutraceutics, which is today at the crossroads between health and nutrition. Algea has, in fact, been creating innovative products for nutrition, care and beauty of people for years: with passion and always with the utmost respect for living beings and for the environment.”

Algea has been harvesting Ascophyllum nodosum, a brown alga that is unique in the world, for over 75 years. It grows in the intertidal areas of the cold northern seas where, as it grows, it naturally accumulates some extremely valuable active components. Algea knows Ascophyllum nodosum like no one else and by processing it using environmentally friendly and innovative methods, it obtains the highest quality products, packed full of active components such as alginates, fucoidans, polyphenols and phlorotannins.

Through the high-level scientific research conducted by Algea, the significant investments in research and development and the close working partnerships with networks of universities and research bodies that collaborate with the Italian group at an international level, Algea is continually looking for new uses for the extracts and the phyto-complexes of Ascophyllum nodosum. The substances extracted from this brown seaweed are already used as ingredients in the nutraceutical sector for human nutrition and animal feeds, and in agriculture as fertilizers suitable for use in organic farming.

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ALGEA attends “Vitafoods Europe”