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The Best Grower 2015 Prize for the Americas awarded by Valagro

Valagro, a leading manufacturer and supplier of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, has awarded the Best Grower 2015 prize for the Americas. 
After Europe, the prize has reached Brazil, where the title of "best agricultural producer" was awarded to the producer Vinicius Jacomini. In particular, Mr. Jacomini chose to use VIVA® to cultivate sugar cane, and he later chose once again the best Valagro solutions - such as Radifarm®, Megafol®, Brexil Top®, Glimo®, MC Cream® and Master® line - to cultivate soybean, with remarkable results in terms of quality and quantity, obtaining a 10% increase in sugar cane harvest and 15% in soybean harvest.
The winner of the coveted award was recommended by Coopercitrus, one of Valagro's Platinum distributors, in line with the principles of the accolade: alongside Platinum distributors, select the best agricultural producers within the 4 clusters in which the Group operates with its extensive distribution and sales network, and based on measurable criteria, reward their ability to make the best use of Valagro solutions.
The Best Grower of the Year is an integral part of the exclusive range of services provided to top Platinum customers by Valagro@yourservice, the service model adopted by the Group to achieve wider customer engagement capable of promoting sharing and partnership, compared to traditional sales targets and market strategies.
Victor Sonzogno, Valagro Country Manager of Valagro do Brasil: “This award fills us with pride for several reasons. First of all, it recognises our ongoing commitment to always putting the customer at the heart of our business. This is critical because it allows us to deliver more innovative and genuinely effective solutions for the various needs of our crops. And today, the positive results that have led Vinicius Jacomini to receive the Best Grower 2015 Prize for the Americas bear witness to our achievement of this objective."
The award ceremony took place on 5th October in Ribeirão Preto during an event hosted at a Coopercitrus store, attended by the Country Manager of of Valagro do Brasil Victor Sonzogno, the National Sales Manager Emerson de Oliveira, the area manager Samuel Zucolo, Mr Vinicius Jacomini and family and Coopercitrus team.