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Valagro acquires a stake in Mirnagreen: a partnership for sustainable innovation

Valagro, a leader in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and advanced nutrient solutions for crops, announces a strategic partnership with Mirnagreen, a global leader in the field of plant microRNAs based in Bolzano, Italy.

In line with its "Third Way" mindset, Valagro has launched its partnership with Mirnagreen to further advance the development of innovative technologies.

Cutting-edge innovation is Mirnagreen's hallmark: the company is the only one in the world to have developed patented technologies for the large-scale extraction of plant microRNAs, known to be among the most effective immunomodulators and natural anti-inflammatories. Through its innovative proprietary tech platform, Mirnagreen develops products and solutions based on plant microRNAs for the food, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical sectors as well as strategies for the treatment of diseases linked to chronic inflammation.

The driving force behind the collaboration between Valagro and Mirnagreen is a common goal: to play an active role in the production of healthy food for a more sustainable world.


Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro:

"We are excited to announce our partnership with Mirnagreen: this decision is tangible proof of Valagro's willingness to seek out and create new opportunities with courage, curiosity and determination. It is a confirmation of the innovative mindset that has set us apart for 40 years".

Roberto Viola, president of Mirnagreen:

"Our partnership with Valagro offers us exceptional added value from both an industrial and a strategic standpoint. It also confirms the worth of the path that Mirnagreen has chosen to take, i.e. harnessing the value of the company's tech platform and scientific know-how against a significant industrial and circular economy backdrop".