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Valagro Group presents a new online website for Sri Biotech Laboratories India Limited, its new subsidiary

Customer-responsive design and updated content to illustrate the integrated offer of innovative and sustainable solutions for agriculture

Valagro, global leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, presents the new website for Sri Biotech Laboratories India Limited, the Indian company which recently became part of the Valagro Group and is specialised in the field of alternative, biological and environmentally sustainable solutions for plant nutrition and for protection against diseases and pathogenic insects' attacks on agricultural crops.

The acquisition of SRIBIO (November 2015) provides a strategic contribution to the development of Valagro, allowing access to new market segments, such as biocontrol, and new technologies, such as fermentation, which will make it possible to expand the offer of integrated solutions for the benefit of farmers' needs.

This aspect particularly emerges in the website's new content which, in addition to presenting solutions in the SRIBIO product portfolio, has been updated to also incorporate some of the most innovative Valagro biostimulant solutions recently launched on the Indian market.

More broadly, the redefinition of the SRIBIO website and the creation of a tool that is coherent with the corporate brand image of the Valagro world, represents a major milestone in the broader process of creating a truly global company: "The website's redesign - explains Marco Rosso, Global Corporate Affairs Director of the Valagro Group - underlines that SRIBIO is an important part of the new identity that Valagro Group has taken on, which is that of a truly global company operating full circle in the biologicals sector. Moreover, this activity responds to the objective of building a unique, strong identity that is recognisable globally. For these reasons, the new SRIBIO website relies on the graphics and content of our common Group identity and of Valagro's core values, which are values ​​that we totally share with SRIBIO: the strong focus on innovation and sustainability, and the commitment to better satisfy the needs of our customers, which has always been at the core of every activity".