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Valagro for Future Farming 2021: Valagro's global project to promote sustainable agriculture of the future resumes in India

Doubling profitability for farmers while safeguarding crop productivity and quality against abiotic stress: this will be the theme of the first online event, where Valagro will meet with Indian farmers from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.

Hyderabad, India, April 16, 2021 – Valagro, a leading company in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and other speciality nutrients, is launching the new edition of its global project Valagro for Future Farming. The goal is to continue strengthening its commitment to building the agriculture of tomorrow in its main target markets by developing and offering increasingly innovative, sustainable and effective solutions and technologies.
The project kicks off today in India with the first of two online events organized alongside the Group's Indian subsidiary, Valagro BioSciences Pvt. Ltd., titled "Abiotic stress management: a key factor in doubling farmers' income for sustainable agriculture".

In line with the goals of the project, today's event involves distributors, farmers, consultants and opinion leaders from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala, who will share the challenges and prospects of agriculture in these areas of the country and illustrate the solutions that Valagro can provide when it comes to the real needs of Indian farmers. Solutions such as Biologicals, and biostimulants in particular, which are born out of the exclusive GeaPower® technology platform can be an effective and sustainable tool for the management of abiotic stress, capable of safeguarding the quality and productivity of crops and thus the profitability of farmers. "Doing more with less" is an inescapable challenge for Indian agriculture, which must meet the demand for food in one of the world's most populous countries while counteracting the negative impacts on agricultural productivity caused by increasingly frequent and extreme environmental stresses.

These will be the topics addressed by the event's main speakers, including Giuseppe Natale (CEO, Valagro), Prem Warrior (COO, Valagro), Sanjay K. Tokala (Country Manager, Valagro BioSciences Pvt. Ltd.) and Prakash V. Girhepuje (Market Development Manager, Valagro BioSciences Pvt. Ltd.). The guest speaker at the event will be Professor P. Jeyakumar of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU). 

Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro: 
"There is a new normal to which Indian farmers have become accustomed, beyond the current situation caused by the pandemic: the climate disasters that are increasingly affecting the country. In the last two years, India has been hit by at least one extreme weather event per month. According to the World Risk Index 2020, India is the fourth most at-risk country in South Asia, and the social and economic consequences of these events are very serious. Among these consequences, we cannot overlook the negative impact on agricultural productivity, a source of food and a source of income for Indian farmers. With this in mind, we have put the best of our innovation at their service to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for agriculture in this country, in line with our mission. This commitment is now further strengthened by Valagro becoming a part of Syngenta Crop Protection, with whom we share the challenge of bringing about radical change for more sustainable and resilient agriculture."

Sanjay K. Tokala, Country Manager, Valagro BioSciences Pvt. Ltd.:
"Today's event allows us to concretely illustrate how Valagro can ensure greater efficiency in agriculture while increasing the quantity and quality of production, and therefore achieving a better return on investment for Indian farmers. Guided by the customer-centric approach that the company pursues worldwide, Valagro's goal is to consolidate its role as a trusted advisor to Indian farmers, supporting their decisions in the field by providing them with highly specialized Biologicals expertise in order to effectively respond to the specific needs of crops."

The second online event of the Valagro for Future Farming in India project is scheduled for May 14th.