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The second edition of the Valagro for Future Farming project is underway in China: Valagro continues to work alongside Chinese farmers to increase agricultural productivity in a more sustainable manne

The star of the event will be Valagro's innovation, which meets the need for increased production by making more efficient use of precious resources such as water: a challenge that is being addressed by a new biostimulant, Talete.

Urumqi (China), April 24, 2021 – Valagro, a leading company in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and other speciality nutrients, together with its subsidiary Valagro Shanghai, is launching the second edition of the Valagro for Future Farming project in China with two live events, titled "Water management and crop production efficiency: Valagro's challenge for future farming in China", the first of which takes place today in Urumqi. 

Today's meeting will be attended by farmers and distributors from the Xinjiang Region as well as experts from academic and scientific institutions in this area, such as Prof. Xinyong Wang of the Soil, Fertilizer & Water Saving Institute, Xinjiang Academy of Agriculture Science, Prof. Wangfeng Zhan of the Agriculture College of Xinjiang Shihezi University, and Dr. Guiqing Xu of the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology & Geography, CAS.

The central theme of the event will be the challenge of achieving greater crop efficiency to facilitate sustainable and profitable productivity for Chinese farmers. In other words, the priority is to optimise and make more efficient use of production inputs, particularly water. The sustainable management of this precious resource is the goal of Talete, the biostimulant developed from the unique GeaPower® technology platform to increase Crop Water Productivity, i.e. increase production or economic yield for each unit of water used in crop production.

The aim of Talete is to promote sustainable production in conditions where there is adequate water availability and where there are permanent or temporary shortages. Composed of biomolecules of plant origin, developed as per our proprietary GeaPower® technology, Talete acts directly on plant physiology, helping crops increase Crop Water Productivity, both when water is available in adequate quantities and when there is a water scarcity, be it permanent or temporary.

Derek Fang, Country Manager, Valagro Shanghai:
"In the near future in China, which is home to about one fifth of the world's population, the pressure on food production, and consequently the demand for agricultural products, will increase exponentially. However, the availability of precious resources such as water is limited, and using it more efficiently and optimally is a high-priority concern to ensure the sustainable future of Chinese agriculture. Improving crop yield and productivity in the context of more efficient use of water and other production inputs has always been the challenge facing Valagro. The Group's commitment to this challenge is strengthened by its close collaboration with Syngenta Crop Protection, which is committed to bringing about radical change for more sustainable and resilient agriculture.
It is in response to this challenge that we create innovative solutions such as Talete. Biostimulants, and more broadly Biologicals, can tangibly help Chinese farmers to "do more with less", i.e. to achieve higher yields and better quality using fewer resources and technical means: this is the key to a production system that is more productive, profitable for farmers, and more sustainable for the environment."

This event, as part of the Valagro for Future Farming project in China, will be followed by another meeting in the Yunnan region in June.