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OrtiAMO is back – the educational project promoted by Valagro to raise awareness among young people about the value of sustainability in agriculture

The second edition of the educational initiative aimed at about 200 primary school children from the provinces of Chieti and Pescara (Abruzzo region, Italy) is underway


Atessa (Chieti), 11th March 2019 – Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients for plants, is promoting the second edition of the OrtiAMO. This is a project with the aim of continuing to raise awareness among the younger generation about the role of sustainable agriculture in guaranteeing the increasing quality and efficiency of agricultural production that forms the basis of a healthy and wholesome diet.

Once again, the project's partners will be training specialists from the company MateriaViva: they will actively collaborate with the teaching staff of schools in the provinces of Chieti and Pescara who have expressed their willingness to participate in the project this year, involving around 200 students from the fourth and fifth years of primary school. These are Istituto E. Flaiano (Pescara), Istituto Ciampoli-Spaventa, Monte San Silvestro (Atessa) site, Istituto comprensivo San Valentino (Roccamorice), Istituto B. Croce, Torino del Sangro (Paglieta) site, Istituto comprensivo G.D’Annunzio (San Vito Chietino).

As with the previous edition, the course will be based on the methodology of learning by doing: children will closely observe the life cycle of a salad plant, which they will be asked to take care of from seed to harvest. Each lesson will be linked to a part of the Educational Workbook. This is a sort of textbook that will accompany students during the course, stimulating multidisciplinary learning through exercises ranging from art to mathematics, to English. Each class will also have a microscope for observation of the seedlings.

But what's really new in this edition is an online web series on the site site, which will see the children become the protagonists of their own learning experience.

The project will kick off with Istituto omnicomprensivo “Ciampoli- Spaventa “(plesso Monte San Silvestro) in Atessa, where the first of the 30 classroom meetings into which the project is divided is to be held.

Ottorino La Rocca, President of Valagro

"After last year's success, we are really proud to be able to promote the second edition of the OrtiAMO project. Last year we saw how important it is to help educate young people in the wider community on the values of sustainability, innovation and passion for agriculture. These values have always been inherent to Valagro's identity and if we are to have future generations that are more aware of the increasingly crucial role that innovation in agriculture plays, and will continue to play, in the global challenge of producing more and healthier food for everyone, this depends on us being able to share these values at every level of society ."