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Biostimulants: InVivo Agriculture and Valagro sign a co-development and distribution agreement

The leading French agricultural cooperative Group InVivo and Valagro S.p.A. announced today that they have signed an agreement on co-development and distribution. According to the agreement, InVivo Agriculture will distribute, in the French market, some of the most innovative Valagro biostimulant solutions, specifically designed to enhance crop productivity and quality, as well as to meet the nutritional needs of row crops and French wine grape varieties.

Strengthen the offer of sustainable and innovative solutions to the benefit of French growers

For InVivo Agriculture, this agreement is aligned with its 2025 strategy, which has defined the offer of topnotch biocontrol and biostimulants products to their cooperatives and farmers as a top priority. InVivo was advised by Laurent Vermer from Future Food Partners in the structuring and negotiation of the agreement.

Laurent Martel, General Manager of InVivo Agriculture said: “This year after the acquisition of Bioline, the specialist of biocontrol in greenhouses, this agreement with Valagro reinforces our commitment to becoming a leader in the supply of biocontrol solutions and biostimulant in the French, European and North American market. The co-development and distribution agreement allows both companies to strenghten the offer of sustainable and innovative solutions to the benefit of the French growers.” 

Valagro, a global leader in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, has always been committed to helping farmers to do more with less in providing innovative and effective solutions for both nutrition and care of plants. Every year, the Valagro Group invests more than 4% of its annual turnover in its R&D efforts to develop new solutions, focusing on biostimulants and the biological sector (biocontrol and biofertilizers) in particular.

Mr. Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro, commented: "We believe that it is critically important to offer concrete, innovative and more personalized solutions, which meet the real needs of our customers and InVivo is a strategic partner to achieve this ambitious objective. This partnership will enable us to meet the growing needs of row crops and wine grape producers who are essential to Valagro and represent key segments of the French agricultural market. With this Agreement, Valagro keeps on implementing its efforts to significantly enhance its market presence for its unique line of biologicals.

Further partnership through distribution agreements in other European countries

In addition, the partnership between InVivo and Valagro aims to combine efforts to develop new solutions for the nutritional needs of row crops and wine grape varieties. We expect that in the near future the two companies will continue their partnership through distribution agreements in other European countries.

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