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Valagro Sponsored 2018 China Table Grape Meeting

In this golden autumn which is the harvest time during the year, 2018 China TableGrape Meeting held by 191, which is China’s famous agricultural media, finished successfully. This meeting attracted around 700 attendees nationally, including government officers, manufacturers, distributors, table grape technical service providers and professional growers, etc.
The meeting was a great occasion to show the Valagro’s solutions, such as Megafol and Sweet, for improving the quality and productivity of the table grape, with a particular attention to the Shine Muscat Grape variety. The aim, as highlighted by Eric Yin, Crop Manager of Valagro China, is to help growers harvest high quality fruit, get higher return and gain more added value from their yield.
Megafol can help crops improve their health and vitality without disturbing the growth cycles of crops. It’s an efficient management tool for table grape orchards, which can save much time and money for the growers. Megafol can be used 6-10 times accompanied by pesticide spraying during one growing season. It can effectively accumulate immune substances to resist bad weather, reduce physiological diseases and problems, and improve management consistency.
Sweet is a natural sweetener, and especially work well on Shine Muscat Grape according to the trails done by Valagro China. Valagro provided sample for growers through 191 APP called Nong Chacha, and the feedback data showed Sweet can be used twice after the hard nucleation period, and the rate of sugar increased by 2 degrees after 20-30 days.
During the meeting Valagro team had the chance to share with the audience some helpful witnesses about the efficacy of Megafol” and “Sweet”.