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Syngenta Biologicals will launch the Soil Health Project at the Biostimulants World Congress in Milan

Soil is the most important asset for growers, and its health is at the basis of food production and ecosystems functionality. As part of its commitment to standing by farmers and answering their unmet needs, Syngenta Biologicals will launch the Soil Health Project, a new project dedicated to spreading the culture of soil health and raising awareness on the solutions to preserve and enhance it.

The project will be launched on the 30th of November, at 3.30 PM, during the Biostimulants World Congress in Milan, during a special coffee-and-talk moment taking place at 3.30 PM, at the Syngenta Biologicals booth. During the event, that will be hosted by Luke Hutson, New Ag’s Editor-In-Chief, five internal experts will take turns to illustrate the project and its reason why, as well as the scientific and technical aspects that substantiate it. Moreover, an insight will be given on the technologies at the service of the farmers that complement the spectrum of soil health solutions from the Syngenta Biologicals portfolio.

This event adds up to the extended and diverse contributions of Syngenta Biologicals to the Biostimulants World Congress agenda, that include the speech of Riccardo Vanelli, Biologicals Head EAME, entitled “Shaping the future of Agriculture: insights from Syngenta Biologicals” and the Farmers Award panel discussion and ceremony.