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Syngenta Biologicals is sponsoring the 2023 Biostimulants World Congress and the 2nd edition of the Farmers’ Award

Syngenta Biologicals, global leader in agricultural biologicals, will sponsor the second edition of the Farmer’s Award in the framework of the 2023 Biostimulants World Congress, that will take place in Milan, Italy, from November 28 to December 1. The contest is opened to early adopters of plant biostistimulants and farmers who have embraced innovative agricultural practices. Submissions will close on Friday, November 3rd.

The  Farmer’s Award aims to celebrate and acknowledge sustainability leaders who are implementing biostimulants to increase their crop yield and health through sustainable farming methods“Syngenta Biologicals is eager to announce the winner of the Farmers’ Award at the Biostimulants World Congress, on November 29, at the end of a panel with farmers focusing on the critical role that Biologicals can play in supporting their unmet needs” says Riccardo Vanelli. “We are glad to participate actively in the World Congress of Biostimulants: initiatives such as the Farmer’s Award want to be a concrete demonstration of our commitment to shape tomorrow’s agriculture. This is where Biologicals and their innovation can unleash their value for farmers".

The Biostimulants World Congress brings together the most important personalities of the biostimulants  industry to discuss about science, technologies and practices to address the agricultural challenges of the coming years.

In addition to the Farmers’ Award, Syngenta Biologicals will join the discussion with the contribution, on November 29, of the Biologicals Head, Europe Africa & the Middle East, Riccardo Vanelli, entitled “Shaping the future of agriculture. Insights from Syngenta Biologicals”.