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Our continuous commitment to reporting on Valagro's sustainability


For more than 40 years Valagro, legacy company of Syngenta Biologicals, has been helping farmers to get the best out of their crops with one aim in mind: creating a sustainable future for people and nature. This vision also permeates our production processes and our corporate culture.
The Sustainability Report is a useful tool that helps us explain our consistent and constant commitment to sustainability year after year. It is an act of responsibility towards the wider community in which we operate and with which we hope to cultivate a culture that is increasingly respectful of the environment.


The contents reported here and in the downloadable report describe the activities of Valagro Group in the year 2022. Therefore, they do not cover the launch, in 2023, of the new brand Syngenta Biologicals under which the company now operates.


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>10 research projects focused on water and nutrient use efficiency and reuse of waste

With more than 10 research projects active in 2022, the efforts of our Research team have focused mainly on developing solutions for increasing water and nutrient use efficiency in agriculture, two areas crucial in the global pursuit of more sustainable and efficient food systems. In addition, following our long tradition of extensive raw materials knowledge, much attention has been given to new and innovative ways to valorize the byproducts of other production chains as raw materials with a circular economy approach. Finally, some studies have regarded the investigation of natural RNAs for their use in biologicals.

80% of the suppliers are local, 58% of the expenses are local

In 2022, a particular focus has been put on prioritizing local suppliers, in order to promote regional economic growth and minimize transportation-related environmental impacts. Notably, almost 80% of the total suppliers who have worked for the organization in 2022 were based on the same geographical area of the premise who made the purchase, for 58% of the total spending. We are on our way of defining a formalized sustainable procurement policy which reflects our dedication to sourcing raw materials and services in a manner that aligns with our sustainability values and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Download the reports of the previous years (Valagro S.p.A. only)