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Our innovative solutions are created to increase quality and quantity of crops. Plants with better roots, growing with greater vigour, able to thrive even harsh growing conditions; plants that are more productive, producing fruit that matures more quickly and is tastier for consumers.
These successes are attested by numerous agronomic tests and a vast amount of data collected from all four corners of the planet.
All achieved using natural active substances, fully respecting the environment and human health.

Product lines

Plant biostimulants

Our exclusive line of Syngenta Biologicals biostimulants* enhance and strengthen crops. They are applied to plants, seeds or to the root environment to stimulate the natural processes of plants, benefiting nutrient use efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress and crop quality.  ...


Biocontrols control pests and diseases. They are naturally occurring materials that are used to control fungal and bacterial diseases, insect pests, nematodes and weeds. 


Syngenta Biologicals has created a line of specific formulations of rapidly absorbed nutrients with low environmental impact, to provide plant organisms with all the elements they need to grow healthy and strong.

Water soluble nutrition

Water soluble nutritional products are mineral formulated, realized ​​with a high concentration of raw materials without  any phytotoxic impurities.The WSN lines, specific for both fertigation and foliar application, offer a wide range of solutions for different nutritional needs and phonological ...


A careful choice of complementary products and fertilisers to provide a complete and effective solutions for all crop needs.


Our exclusive line of Valagro biofertilizers are solutions containing living microorganisms which, when applied to seed or soil, increase the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the plant.