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Promotes absorption of nutrients

  • Increases the use of the nutrients in the soil.
  • Optimises mineral application.


ACTIWAVE™ contains betaine, alginic acid, and caidrine, a derivative of vitamin K1 that guarantees correct and balanced nutrition, increasing the plant's ability to absorb the nutritive elements present in the soil. The caidrine stimulates the activity of the proton gates of the root cells, accelerating the movement and the exchange between the positive ions from the inside of the root towards the rhizosphere, and of cations and anions from the rhizosphere to the inside of the roots.
The action of the caidrine, and other biologically active components, bring immediate and tangible benefits: increased productivity both in terms of quality and quantity; reduction of nitrates in leafy vegetables, and increased capacity of the plant in overcoming abiotic stress.
By improving the plant's ability to absorb nutrients, ACTIWAVE™ reduces losses due to leaching, with positive effects also from an environmental perspective.

Increases Crop Water Productivity