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The importance of healthy, green and fine management

With the development of Chinese agriculture, more and more growers are beginning to realize the importance of healthy, green and fine management in the growing and have been actively exploring how to grow high quality products. In this process, the rational use of fertilizer played a key role.
Valagro developed and have successful promoted a biostimulant Megafol, which works to increase plant’s tolerance on abiotic stresses. In May, a delegation of Valagro China visited the famous table grape production in Jiangxing city, Zhejiang province and communicated with the local growers.
Growers in Jiangxing share some common problems in table grape growing, like fruit set, adverse weather, pest outbreak. Together with an improved fertilization program with Valagro solutions, application of Megafol has good effects on fruit setting, sustainable plant growth and the increased quality, which brings more profit to the growers.