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YieldON is coming to Brazil Valagro's new biostimulant for row crops will be presented to the Brazilian agricultural market during the Exposoja

Valagro, the leader in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and specilty nutrients, today presents YieldON to the Brazilian agricultural market. The launch of the product will be held at Exposoja - one of the leading events in Brazil in the cereal sector, where the benefits and characteristics of this new product specific to nutrition and physiological activation of row crops will be presented.
YieldON represents Valagro's commitment to the need to sustainably increase the productivity of row crops such as soybeans, corn, rice, cotton, wheat and sunflowers. YieldON is able to improve the transport of sugars and other nutrients, stimulate cell division, increase the synthesis and transport of lipids. These technical characteristics of the YieldON allow to obtain a significant increase of the productivity, guaranteeing grains of greater weight and greater amount of oil.
The action of the product is guaranteed by the innovative combination of plant extracts of Fucaceae (algae), Chenopodiaceae and Poaceae, developed through the GeaPower technology platform and leading research methodologies such as genomics and advanced genetic sequencing technique (NGS) in soy and corn. The latter, developed by Valagro in collaboration with the Dutch research institute NSure.
The product has proven efficacy through phenomenological analysis and field tests internationally and also in Brazil, where they show an average productivity increase of 13-15% in relation to normal standards.
Victor Sonzogno, Country Manager of Valagro do Brasil: "YieldON is an effective response to the specific needs of the Brazilian agricultural market, where row crops, especially soybeans and corn, represent more than 180 million tons produced in Brazil (Conab). This is the added value of Valagro and YieldON, which is able to combine high productivity, return on investment and more sustainable solutions."
The launch of the new product of Valagro in Brazil will be announced through several field days and events such as, Exposoja, Coopercitrus Valagro Academy, AgroBrasilia (from May 16 to 20, 2017), among others.