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Valagro Best Partner 2017: the Mexican distributor Agropecuaria Pueblo Bonito SA De CV has been awarded

The best commercial partner of Valagro for the year 2017 is welcomed at the Valagro headquarters today with its main customers for the award event

Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, today receives representatives from the Mexican distributor Agropecuaria Pueblo Bonito SA De CV, who won the prize "Best Partner of the Year" for 2017, at its headquarters in Atessa (Italy).
Therefore, once again the event is held for the prize which Valagro assigns to its customers who, in the past year, have made the biggest percentage increase in sales with particular reference to biostimulants.
In line with this aim, the celebration of the Best Partner 2017 intends to give full recognition to the commitment of the distributor Agropecuaria Pueblo Bonito SA De CV in achieving excellent market results thanks to the winning partnership with Valagro and its local branch, Valagro Mexicana. In particular, in 2017 Agropecuaria Pueblo Bonito SA De CV registered an increase in turnover of 233% in the sale of a wide range of Valagro solutions and in particular of biostimulants such as MEGAFOL®, RETROSAL®, RADIFARM®, BENEFIT PZ® and specialty nutrients such as BREXIL LINE®, FERRILENE TRIUM® and PLANTAFOL®.
The President of Valagro Ottorino La Rocca will be there to confer the coveted prize to Mr Antonio Aragón Martínez, owner of Agropecuaria Pueblo Bonito SA De CV, who will participate in the ceremony together with Jaime Macías Ramírez and Eduardo Amezola Tavares, respectively Sales Director and Technical Support Director for Agropecuaria customers. The awarding of the prize will also take place in the presence of some great Mexican producers of horticulture, among the main customers of Agropecuaria.
Antonio Aragón Martinez of Agropecuaria Pueblo Bonito SA De CV: "Agropecuaria Pueblo Bonito has been a driving force behind rural Mexico for more than thirty years. For us, it is very important to have a sales partner such as Valagro, who shares the vision of supporting our customers by offering innovative solutions. Such innovation allows our customers to achieve better nutrition, and therefore increase crop yield and quality, whilst caring for and optimising natural resources. During the brief period that we have been working with Valagro, we have been able to confirm its product quality thanks to the excellent results and improved crop performance where the products have been applied".
Fernando de la Cruz, Country Manager of Valagro Mexicana: "We express great satisfaction in regards to the results achieved by our Best Partner 2017 Agropecuaria Pueblo Bonito SA De CV, and above all for contributing to the achievement of these results by offering solutions for truly effective, sustainable and innovative crops. This day concretely demonstrates the validity of the Valagro approach, based on the centrality of the Customer: only by sharing strategies and business objectives and putting our commitment to innovation at the service of our customers' needs can we achieve success in the market and grow together with them".