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Valagro for Future Farming in India: Valagro's commitment to sustainable agriculture takes centre stage once again, with the second event dedicated to sustainable water management

The focus of the meeting is to help Indian farmers get the most out of their crops through more efficient water management, thanks to cutting-edge solutions such as the new biostimulant Talete.

Hyderabad, India, May 14, 2021 – Valagro, a leading company in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and other speciality nutrients, returns to India with the second edition of its global project Valagro for Future Farming. The aim is to strengthen its commitment to building the agriculture of tomorrow in its main target markets by developing and offering increasingly innovative, sustainable and effective solutions and technologies.

"Efficient water management: a key challenge for Indian farmers to increase crop productivity sustainably" is the title of this second virtual event organized by Valagro together with the Group's Indian subsidiary, Valagro BioSciences Pvt. Ltd.

In line with the previous meeting, today's event addresses the challenges and future prospects of Indian agriculture, illustrating the solutions that Valagro creates to effectively respond to the real needs of Indian farmers.

These include, in particular, the need to combine higher productivity and profitability of agricultural production with greater crop efficiency: achieving higher yields and better quality with more efficient use of production inputs, especially water, is certainly a challenge that Indian farmers urgently need to address.

A challenge to which Valagro responds with the biostimulant Talete. Consisting of plant-derived biomolecules developed as per our proprietary GeaPower® technology, Talete acts directly on plant physiology, helping crops increase Crop Water Productivity, i.e. to increase production or economic yield for each unit of water used in crop production. The objective, in regards to Talete, is to promote sustainable production wherever there is adequate water availability as well as in conditions that have permanent or temporary shortages.


Sanjay K. Tokala, Country Manager, Valagro BioSciences Pvt. Ltd:

"Once again, I am delighted to be able to share with all our guests – distributors, farmers, technicians and consultants – Valagro's unique approach to shaping the future of Indian agriculture. It means providing innovative and effective solutions that can help Indian farmers get the most out of their crops – in other words, increase their return on investment – through the sustainable management of key resources such as water. If we consider that India has 18% of the world's population but has only 4% of the world's freshwater, 80% of which is used in agriculture, we can begin to understand the scale of this commitment. In this respect, Valagro is a reliable partner because improving crop yield and productivity in the context of more efficient use of water and other production inputs has always been a goal pursued by the company. This commitment, I would like to remind you, is strengthened today by our close collaboration with Syngenta Crop Protection, which is committed to bringing about radical change for more sustainable and resilient agriculture. The future of Indian agriculture in which we believe".