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Launch of Construction at the Valagro production plant in Brazil

The Group has started the operational phase of the project for the construction of a new plant in Pirassununga, Brazil

Valagro, leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, announced that it has started the construction of its new plant in Pirassununga, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The project, announced in 2014 with an investment of 10 million euro, includes the construction of a plant with two production lines for the processing and packaging of solid water-soluble fertilizers and biostimulants. The plant will cover an area of ​​about 60,000 m² and will ensure a production of about 8,000 tons of product a year.

The transition to the operational phase of the project - which will end in January 2017, with the opening of the plant - has been achieved through the attainment of the national and regional environmental licenses, attesting to compliance with rigorous local standards of environmental safety and sustainability, in line with the Valagro’s values based on the full respect of human health and the environment.

Thanks to the production plant in Pirassununga, Valagro will be able to respond even more effectively to the needs of the Brazilian market - where it is already active with its own branch since 1998 - with special attention to some of its major customers in this area, including Coopercitrus.

"The construction of the Pirassununga production facility greatly supports our supply chain logistics getting us closer to our customers in Brazil, and more broadly will allow us to respond effectively to different needs," explains the CEO of the Group, Giuseppe Natale. "Secondly, this provides us the flexibility by production realised at the local level. For Valagro, all of the above, together, means fully implementing the Group's principle of putting the customer in the centre."