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Valagro Erger and MC Line among the main innovations presented at New Ag International in New Delhi

During the 13th edition of New Ag International, the annual event held in New Delhi, India, from 18 to 20 March, Valagro showed the latest results of its research and of the collaboration with national and international research institutions in the development of highly innovative and effective biostimulants.
The following article published by New Ag highlights the new technique of plant gene sequencing known as Next Generation Sequencing which makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the Erger biostimulant in particular, as well as to understand in greater depth dormancy and the genes that regulate it, and the studies on the metabolism of plants that allowed Valagro to use a technology capable of measuring the direct and real contribution of biostimulants at the metabolic level of the plant, in particular as regards the MC Cream and MC Extra formulas.