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Valagro updates its web presence: the new corporate website is now online

Clear and intuitive graphics, and a content structure even closer to the needs of global users, to improve user experience

Valagro, a leading group in the development and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients for plants, has launched its new website with a renewed graphic appearance and a simple, immediate content structure to improve user experience.
The renovation, which can be seen on the website's home page and internal pages, mainly concerns the architecture of information: content organisation is new, and a simpler, more straightforward menu makes it easier for users to navigate and access all information more quickly. This now includes in a particularly prominent position the Virtual Tour launched by Valagro on the occasion of participation in the 3rd Biostimulants World Congress (Miami, November 2017) to illustrate the world of Valagro with the aid of new virtual technologies.
Moreover, in line with the Group's desire to place customers and their needs at the centre of its strategic choices, "mini-sites" with content and updates about countries/markets have been created alongside the global site, in order to respond even more effectively to the specific needs of users.
Finally, user experience has been further improved thanks to a new graphic layout, re-designed to give greater clarity and linearity, and functionality, for faster, immediate content navigation.
But the new features do not end here. Over the coming months, the development of Valagro's online presence will continue, providing users with tools that are increasingly capable of optimising access to information about Valagro and its innovative solutions.