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Valagro plays a starring role in the debate on how to face the global challenge for food security thanks to biostimulants

Giuseppe Natale, chief executive of Valagro S.p.A and president of the EBIC - European Biostimulants Industry Council explained the fundamental role of biostimulants for the future of agriculture during an interview included in a short film developed by the London Stock Exchange, in partnership with the Times of London.

The film is part of a series dealing with the issue of global food security, and features the commitment of EBIC and the biostimulants industry to face the global challenge aimed at satisfy the need to produce more and better food for the growing world population using fewer resources.

During the interview hosted by The Business Debate, president of EBIC and chief executive of Valagro S.p.AGiuseppe Natale, and Kristen Sukalac, consulting partner at Prospero & Partners, explained what biostimulants are, their contribution to sustainable agriculture, and highlighted the need for regulatory predictability at the EU level. To Natale and Sukalac’s contribution is dedicated an article published on The Time website.

Founded in 2011, thanks to a small group of biostimulant companies and Prospero & Partners, a management consultancy with a thorough understanding of the agricultural space, the EBIC’s goal is to identify how biostimulants can make as large a contribution to agriculture as possible. This is the reason why the organization promotes solutions such as regulatory reform, user education and industry best practice.