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Valagro has been awarded CRIBIS Prime Company for its excellent economic-commercial reliability

CRIBIS D&B, a company that specialises in providing business information to companies in Italy and abroad, has given Valagro the CRIBIS Prime Company award, an acknowledgement which means that the company has the highest level of reliability as a counterparty in commercial BtoB transactions.
This significant award confirms Valagro’s level of economic-commercial soundness, and is a guarantee for all of the companies that have chosen Valagro as a business partner.
The CRIBIS Prime Company is in fact, only awarded to 7% of the more than 6 million Italian firms on the CRIBIS D&B Rating database, which is a summarised index, measuring the likelihood that a company will experience serious business insolvencies on the basis of a statistical algorithm. The calculation uses numerous variables, including anagraphic data, indicators and balance sheet data, business payment histories, seniority, company budget data, payment experiences and the presence of negative information.
The CRIBIS Prime Company award is therefore highest level commercial reliability assessment for any organisation, and is given only and exclusively to companies that continuously maintain a high level of economic-commercial reliability by being above board in their payments to suppliers.