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Valagro and Sant'Anna di Pisa publish a scientific study on the effectiveness of Brexil Zn

New scientific research performed by Valagro in collaboration with BioLabs at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa has recently been published in the international scientific journal “Scientia Horticulturae.
The research has demonstrated the effectiveness of nutritional products containing natural complex agents like Ammonium Lignin Sulfonate (ALS) and Brexil Zn in significantly improving the efficiency of nutrition and thus maximising production.
The work involved using advanced methods and instruments, including "Cryo-Scanning Electron Microscopy" (Cryo-SEM), a technique that allows accurate research to be carried out on perfectly intact biological structures, using samples that have been cryo-preserved in advance.
The study aimed to assess the absorption and localisation of Zinc (Zn) on bean leaves that had previously been treated with Brexil Zn (Zn complexed with ALS - Ammonium Lignin Sulphonate) and with a competitor based on Zn-EDTA (a synthetic chelating agent), after 6 hours, 4 days and 30 days respectively.
Significant differences in leaf penetration were detected in leaves treated with Brexil Zn, as well as on its localizations within the tissues.
In fact, high concentrations of Zn were detected in physiologically more active parts compared to the competitor, which was concentrated in the outermost and therefore less relevant parts from the nutritional perspective. Furthermore, improvements in leaf anatomy were found.
The complete article is available at the following link.