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Announcement of selection for young students

Valagro is always focused on the potentiality of young people in the context of scientific research and technological innovation. In strict connection with Universities and excellent Scientific Research Institutions, Valagro invests constantly in the training of young talents able to bring new energy for the development of innovative and sustainable solutions in agriculture
Among the most ambitious projects, the one in collaboration with CRAB (Consortium of Applied Researches in Biotechnology) of Avezzano (AQ, Italy) is focused on exploration, development and optimization of biological and biotechnological processes in the fermentations sector.
With reference to this collaboration between Valagro and CRAB, it has been issued an announcement of selection for young students graduated in Agricultural, Biological or Biotechnological  Sciences, for the participation to a research project focused on the study of beneficial microorganisms in the plant nutrition field.

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