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Humic 80

Humic extract from Leonardite

  • EC Number: 1415-93-6
  • CAS Number: 215-809-6


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Humic 80 is a Leonardite solid extract, originated from the centenarian natural process of forest’s humification. Humic acids upgrade the chemical physical characteristics of the soil by improving its structure and fertility.
They can also help to detoxify the soil from heavy metals and to increase root micronutrients absorption.
Humic 80 is ideal for the production of special soil conditioners but it can be used as raw material for high quality biostimulants and also as an NPK coater.
It’s miscible with a large variety of natural extracts and trace elements.

Organic matter: 70%
Organic matter (in percentage of dry weight): 73,6%
Humified Organic matter (as percentage of dry weight): 75%
Organic nitrogen (N) (in % of dry weight): 0,74%
C/N Ratio: 50

Analytical methods according to Italian GU, 26 June 2006,n° 21, DM 21/12/2000 n°6

Packaging: 25Kg