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Au 15%

Liquid Humic extract from Leonardite

  • EC Number: 268-608-0
  • CAS Number: 68131-04-4


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AU 15% is a liquid extract from North Dakota Leonardite, a fossil substance similar to lignite and peat, originated from the centenarian natural process of forest’s humification.
AU 15% is very rich in humic acids that contribute to the fertility of the soil and makes nutritive elements more available for plants.
Organic matter (w/v): 11.0%
Organic matter (in percentage of dry weight): 66.0%
Humified organic matter (as % of organic matter): 96.0%
Organic Nitrogen (N)(in percentage of dry weight): 0.65
C/N Ratio: 51

Analytical methods according to: Italian GU, 26 June 2006,n° 21, DM 21/12/2000 n°6

Packaging: 1000 L