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Highest crop productivity, highest return for farmers

  • A new combination of extracts never used!
  • Increases row crops productivity
  • Higher return for farmers
  • Developed using high innovative technologies
  • Clear technical positioning and easy to use
  • Good miscibility with other products


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YIELDON™ is a biostimulant able to increase row crops productivity modulating cell metabolism, division, expansion, improving also transport of sugars and nutrients, besides lipid biosynthesis and transport.
A new combination of extracts never used: more than 50% of the composition on a dry base, is characterized by a selection of extracts from three distinct families of plants and seaweeds enriched with trace elements Mn, Zn and Mo. We carried out an integrated “omics & field-trials” approach to characterize the physiological effect of YIELDON™ using different model plants (Arabidopsis thaliana, maize and soybean).
In particular, we focused on gene expression and plant phenomic analyses. Thanks to the last “Next Generation Sequencing Technology” we obtained an accurate detection of all expressed genes, even for agronomically relevant crops like corn and soybean.
Our results complement at the molecular and morphometric/physiological levels the evidence obtained in field trials.

A new landmark for row crops nutrition