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It increases and standardizes fruit size.

  • It increases fruit size and improves uniformity, increasing fruit class fruit caliber classes.
  • It does not alter the consistency and shelf life of the fruits longevity of the fruits.


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BENEFIT PZ™ is a natural product designed to enhance and standardise the size of the fruits. BENEFIT PZ™, when applied during flowering-fruit setting, it stimulates cell division and the consequent increase in the number of cells present in each fruit.
Following the absorption of water and the normal metabolic activity of plants, a greater number of cells can then relax and stretch so as to have greater size, bringing the fruit into more profitable, higher caliber classes.
BENEFIT PZ™ is recommended for both fruit crops (drupaceous, kiwi) and for horticultural crops with fruits (watermelon, melon, squash, cucumber, etc.). BENEFIT PZ™ contains nucleic acids, vitamins, proteins and free amino acids.

Increases photosynthetic and vegetative activities

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Foliar NPK supplements with microelements chelates.