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In-Cosmetics Brasil: Algea presents to America their new ingredient

Algea, a Valagro Group company, will participate in In-Cosmetics Brasil, the first Latin American trade fair dedicated to professionals in the field of personal care and wellbeing.

After the European leg of the event, which was held last April in Hamburg, and where Algea presented AlgeaEsthe Fucose, the new ingredient from the AlgeaEsthe line, the company now flies to Sao Paulo in Brasilto to describe to foreign professionals the natural extract Ascophyllum nodosum. An extract rich in fucoidans that with its soothing action helps to fight skin inflammation (inflammation that produces reddening of the skin) caused by environmental phenomena such as excessive exposure to sun, stress and poor diet.

The ingredient AlgeaEsthe Fucose is the novelty of the AlgeaEsthe line, key ingredients for effective cosmetics that are suitable for caring for the face and body. Ingredients developed by Algea thanks to the important know-how gained over many years of activity and also made possible by the strong and constant drive towards innovation and research seen throughout the Valagro Group.

"The participation of Algea at the first trafe fair in in Latin America dedicated to professionals in the field of the care and wellbeing of the person confirms that the company is constantly aiming itself at new markets that are ever more lively and stimulating"- said Giuseppe Natale, CEO of the Valagro Group – “In fact it is with passion that Algea creates innovative and effective solutions for nutrition, care and personal beauty, particularly in the field of reducing the negative effects of stress and always with the utmost respect for living beings and the environment."

Located in Norway, where the ecosystem is still intact and uncontaminated, Algea is the only Company in the world situated beyond the Arctic Circle manufacturing seaweed-based ingredients. For over 75 years, Algea has been collecting and processing Ascophyllum nodosum, a brown seaweed that is unique in the world, and which grows in the intertidal areas of cold Northern Seas. Algea understands Ascophyllum nodosum like no one else and by processing itobtains the highest quality products that are rich in active components such as alginates, fucoidans, polyphenols and phlorotannins.

Thanks to the top level scientific research conducted by Algea, the significant investments in research and development and a close partnership with a network of universities and research institutes that work with the Italian Group at an international level, Algea is constantly looking for new applications for Ascophyllum nodosum extracts. The substances contained within this brown alga are already used as ingredients in the fields of nutraceuticals, human nutrition, cosmetics for the care and beauty of the body, animal nutrition and in agriculture as a fertilizer suitable for organic farming.