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In-Cosmetics: Algea presents a new active ingredient with soothing properties, extracted from northern ocean algae

Algea, part of the Valagro Group, will be taking part in In-Cosmetics, the event for professionals working in the personal health and wellbeing sector, which is to be held in Hamburg, Germany, until the 3rd of April.

Based in Norway, where the ecosystem is still intact and uncontaminated, Algea is the only global player producing ingredients derived from sea algae found above the Arctic Circle. For over 75 years, Algea has collected and processed Ascophyllum nodosum, dark algae unique in the world, which grows in the  intertidal areas of the cold arctic oceans. The impetus of the tides, the long exposure to both sunlight and darkness, and the relatively stable temperatures have strengthened this Arctic alga, which develops highly valuable active elements naturally during its growth.
Algea understands Ascophyllum nodosum better than anyone else and, through its processing, obtains extremely high quality products rich in active ingredients, like alginates, fucoidales, polyphenols and fluorotannins. In every phase of processing, from the harvesting in the ocean through to the final product, the company uses sustainable and innovative methods that ensure preservation of the valuable active ingredients, while also keeping  the marine ecosystem intact. The algae are cut, leaving part of the sprout attached to the rock, ensuring full regrowth within four years. Once the alga has been harvested, it is left to rise to the surface to ensure it is collected without foreign bodies (e.g. shellfish, sand, minerals), greatly limiting the impact on the delicate ocean ecosystem.
Thanks to this important know-how, learned over many long years of activity, and also made possible thanks to the constant push for innovation and research throughout the Valagro Group companies, Algea has developed the AlgeaEsthe range of key ingredients for effective cosmetics, suited to care of the skin, face and body.

“Algea's participation at the In-Cosmetics event for the second year in a row demonstrates how the company is constantly aiming towards the future," said Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro Group. "In fact, Algea creates innovative, effective solutions with a passion. Solutions aimed at personal nutrition, healthcare and beauty, and particularly in the field of reducing the negative effects of stress. All this while is done with the fullest respect towards all life, and the environment."

During the event, Algea will present AlgeaEsthe Fucose, a new ingredient from their AlgeaEsthe range derived from Ascophyllum nodosum. This is an aqueous extract rich in fucoidans that, thanks to its soothing action, helps fight inflammation of the skin (which appears in the form of cutaneous reddening) that results from the loss of its protective effect due to environmental phenomena, stress and poor nutrition.

AlgeaEsthe Fucose joins the other ingredients in the AlgeaEsthe range: AlgeaEsthe Cream and AlgeaEsthe Powder, two solutions that are also based on pure Ascophyllum nodosum, aimed at cosmetic products for personal health and wellbeing. Specifically, AlgeaEsthe Cream provides a reserve of active ingredients for body and facial creams that acts effectively against signs of skin ageing and hyperpigmentation, restoring its tone and luminosity. AlgeaEsthe Powder, on the other hand, is the result of cutting edge production processes: it  guarantees effective treatment against unsightly cellulite and is used in mud, scrubs and soap products. It is also an excellent remedy for fighting water retention, helping to reactive the microcirculation.

Algea is constantly researching new applications for Ascophyllum nodosum extracts through high level  scientific research , major investment in research and development, and  close partnerships with the network of research universities and institutes that work with the Italian group at an international level. The substances extracted from  this brown algae are already used as ingredients within the nutraceautical sector for human nutrition,  feed, animal nutrition, as well as in agriculture as a fertiliser that is also ideal for organic cultivation.

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In-Cosmetics: Algea presents a new active ingredient with soothing properties, extracted from northern ocean algae