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Valagro Sponsored CIS in China

Thanks its uniquely innovative GeaPower technology platform , Valagro strengthens its leadership in Chinese Specialty Fertilizers Market

Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and other specialty nutrients, sponsored 2018 China International Specialty Fertilizer Conference (CIS), a presentation window and gala of China specialty fertilizer industry, organized by Agricultural Materials and Markets Media.
Currently, the urgent demand for specialty fertilizers of Chinese agriculture, has made the development of specialty fertilizers enter a crucial phase in Chinese market. With various high-end and high quality products, also cutting-edge technology converging into China continuously, 2018 will be the anticipated year of Chinese specialty fertilizers.
Under this big background, following two successful CIS in Nanning (2017) and Qingdao (2016), 2018 CIS themed “Gathering New Technology Worldwide, Rooting in Chinese Market” leads and promotes specialty fertilizers development in China.
This Conference was attended by companies from more than 30 countries and regions, and 1000+ attendees from hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and growers. It was a valuable opportunity to show the innovative GeaPower technology platform based on a continuous commitment to innovation, sustainability and customized solutions: this is what allow Valagro to offer a wide range of innovative nutritional solutions including biostimulants and other specialty nutrients.
Also the event hosted the speech of Mr. Wu Jiaqiang from Just Agri and Mr. Yu Wei from Shenyang Yinong – among the best Valagro’s distributors in China - who outlined how to select high quality specialty fertilizers, best practice of promoting new specialty fertilizers and the future development trends of specialty fertilizers service providers.
Mr. Guo Zhongfu, Valagro Distributor in Shandong,China: "Appreciate Valagro offered this invitation to the conference, and it was a great opportunity for distributors to deeply learn the market status also the trends. Most of all, this conference strengthened my confidence in long-term cooperation with Valagro because of its innovative technology platform and system which brings high quality products to our markets, it will make Chinese agriculture ahead towards to a healthier and brighter direction.  "