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Opifol®, the new water-soluble foliar fertilizer line borne of Valagro’s research, for the specific and efficient nutrition of row crops

Opifol, together with YieldOn, created by Valagro, offers farmers an increasingly integrated and complete solution for maximizing the quality and productivity of row crops.

Valagro, a leader in the production and commercialisation of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, will be presenting Opifol®, the innovative line of water-soluble foliar fertilizers specifically designed for row crops nutrition. The line will be launched on the occasion of 'Tecnoshow' (9-13 April, in Rio Verde), one of the main events in the Brazilian agricultural market which sees the participation of thousands of operators in the cereal sector every year.
Following on from the exclusive GeaPower technology platform, the Opifol® line contains a unique combination of macro and micronutrients characterised by rapid uptake into plant leaves. This guarantees balanced, effective and specific nutrition for the main row crops, such as soybean, wheat, corn, oilseedrape, cotton, rice and sunflowers. Effectively supporting the different stages of the vegetative and productive growth of the crop, Opifol promotes better crop yield and quality. The use of Opifol in fact boosts carbohydrate breakdown which supplies energy for plant growth, good grain setting, nutritional value, resulting in better milling properties of the grains.
Thanks to these characteristics, the Opifol line, together with the biostimulant YieldOn, form an integral part of an effective and complete solution with which Valagro responds effectively to the need of farmers to improve the productivity and quality of row crops in a sustainable manner.
Rita Basile, Valagro Product Manager: "Opifol® is a range of water-soluble nutrients that greatly adds to Valagro’s solution for the nutrition of row crops. Its aim is to help farmers increase crop yield and quality, as well as overall efficiency. The result is greater sustainability of agricultural production and a higher return on investment for farmers."