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Agroquímica de Jacona, S.A. de C.V., receives the 2016 Best Partner award from Valagro

The award ceremony is being held today at the headquarters of Valagro in the presence of the Mexican distributor's main clients

Valagro, a leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, has today awarded the "Best Partner of the Year" award to the Mexican distributor Agroquimica de Jacona, S.A. de C.V.
In continuity with the previous edition, the Best Partner 2016 celebration took place at the Valagro headquarters: here the Best Partner 2016 represented on this occasion by Gildardo Arroyo Valdéz and Luis Alberto Arroyo Valdés were honored by President Ottorino La Rocca in the presence of its collaborators, Technical Department and main clients.
With the Best Partner of the Year, Valagro is committed to rewarding customers who, in the past year, have achieved the largest percentage increase in sales, with particular reference to innovative products with the latest market introduction.
In line with this, the celebration of Best Partner 2016 aims to give full recognition to the commitment of the distributor Agroquímica di Jacona S.A. de C.V. in achieving excellent market results thanks to the successful partnership with Valagro and its local subsidiary, Valagro Mexicana. In particular, in 2016, Agroquímica de Jacona, S.A. de C.V. recorded an increase in turnover of 238%, in particular linked to Valagro biostimulants such as VIVA®, ERGER® and MEGAFOL®, and the sale of nutritional specialities such as FERRILENE TRIUM®.
Gildardo Arroyo Valdéz of Agroquimica de Jacona, S.A. de C.V.: "Considering that our company has been on the market for almost 50 years, the collaboration with Valagro is relatively recent and at the same time proved to be very positive in a very short time, given the excellent results which have emerged to date. The results we achieved on the basis of sharing goals and a common vision, a vision of helping our customers get the most out of their crops by optimizing the use of resources and maximizing the return on investment. A test of the effectiveness of this approach is the results we obtained not only for the cultivation in Zamora, but also in improving the productivity of a wide variety of vegetable and fruit crops in  other important agricultural areas in the State of Michoacán. Lastly, Valagro solutions - including VIVA®, ERGER®, MEGAFOL® and FERRILENE TRIUM® - have contributed decisively to improving the productivity of berry crops largely destined for export".
Fernando de la Cruz, Country Manager at Valagro Mexicana: "We are really proud of sharing with Agroquímica of Jacona, S.A. de C.V. satisfaction for obtaining this recognition, because it specifically attests to the validity of Valagro's approach, based on the centrality of the customer. With this assumption, the Best Partner of the Year award, as well as the wide range of services provided by our company business model Valagro@yourservice, are intended to be a valued and realistic support for growing and improving with our Clients, always at the heart of our business. And the outstanding results achieved by our Best Partner Agroquímica de Jacona, S.A. de C.V., show that together, we have successfully achieved these goals ".

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