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YieldOn, the new biostimulant by Valagro that increases the productivity of row crops, reaches the French market

Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, launches YieldOn in the French market. In order to show its innovative biostimulants specifically designed for row crop nutrition to the French distributors and farmers, the Valagro France team will lead a roadshow with a customised truck in the West of France during the first two weeks of March 2018. Agralia-Maïsadour, Soufflet Atlantique, Saboc-Capl and AgriSoleil-Scael – among the most important of Valagro’s French distributors - are key partners in this 2018 YieldOn Tour.
YieldOn represents Valagro's specific response to the need to increase the productivity of row crops such as corn, soybean, wheat, rice, rapeseed, sunflower and cotton sustainably. YieldOn is in fact able to improve the transportation of sugars and other nutrients, stimulate cell division, increase synthesis and, in the case of crops such as soybean, transportation of lipids. These are the functions of YieldOn that make it possible to obtain significant increases in yield, for example, in the weight of the seeds and in the amount of oil present in them.
These functions are ensured by the formulation of the new biostimulant based on a new combination of plant extracts never used before, from Fucaceae (seaweeds), Chenopodiaceae, Poaceae, created through the exclusive technological GeaPower platform, based on a combination of avant-garde research methodologies. In particular, in the field of genomics, especially in relation to the study of crops such as soy and corn, we applied the Next Generation Sequencing technique. This technique, together with phenomics and rigorous field testing procedures carried out internationally with some of the world's best experimental centres, forms the basis of YieldOn's innovation and effectiveness.
Jean-François Ducret, Country manager, Valagro France: “YieldOn is an innovative solution for improving the productivity of row crops in a sustainable way. This sounds important for cereals as half of the grain volumes produced in France are going to export where international competition is tough. Also return on investment of YieldOn on crops as corn, oil seed rape and soybean is very interesting in our intensive cropping conditions compared with nutritional solutions already on the market. In summary, YieldOn is a solution able to guarantee a high added value for the crops, which means a higher return on investment for farmers, obtained respecting the environment.”

2018 YieldOn tour in France will consist of 8 stages at 4 major Valagro distributors’  warehouses in 5 different Western regions:
1st March: AGRALIA warehouse at Samadet (40320);
2nd March: AGRALIA warehouse at Saint Jean de Marsacq (40230);
6th March: SOUFFLET warehouse at Gémozac (17260);
7th March: SOUFFLET warehouse at 17260 Bouhet (17460);
8th March: SOUFFLET warehouse at Chaillé-les-Marais (85450);
9th March: SOUFFLET warehouse at Sainte-maure-de-touraine (37800);
13th March: SABOC warehouse at Frétigny (28480);
14th March: AGRISOLEIL warehouse at 28630 Gellainville (28630).

After the roadshow, the presentation of the YieldOn will continue on 6th and 7th June, at the fair “Les Culturales”, one of the most important fairs for the French row crops market, organised by Arvalis. After the 2017 launches in Brazil, Ukraine and Turkey, France will be the first country where this new biostimulant by Valagro will be launched in 2018, followed by Hungary, Poland, Italy and USA.
In addition to these activities, the launch of YieldOn in France will be further supported by meetings of the Valagro Academy, aimed at the sales teams and Valagro customers, which will help to raise awareness and appreciation about the potential of YieldOn.