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Valagro at the U.S. Department of State, Washington DC, to talk about agriculture, food security and climate change

Prem Warrior, COO of Valagro, will open the discussion to the Bioeconomy and Climate Change Forum with a speech on the importance of innovation and technology applied to agriculture to win the global challenge of access to food

Prem Warrior, Chief Operating Officer of Valagro, group leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, will speak today at the United States Department of State under the Bioeconomy and Climate Change Forum, held in Washington DC. The macro-themes of agriculture, food security, climate change (from the perspective of adaptation and mitigation) will be at the center of the intervention with focus on how innovation and the use of technology can improve agricultural production in the different parts of the world, while reducing the carbon footprint of crops.
"The availability and use of new technologies for agriculture in different parts of the world are a key element to meet the challenge of feeding a growing world population and ensure global access to food. " - States Prem Warrior, Chief Operating Officer of Valagro - "In particular, in a scenario of strong climate change biostimulants can effectively contribute to this challenge. These formulations, in fact, are capable of improving the physiological processes of the crops, increasing the tolerance to abiotic stresses and the recovery ability by them, increasing yields and improving soil conservation, with a simultaneous reduction of the environmental footprint".
Prem Warrior will have the honor of opening the interventions of the Forum, which brings together business leaders at the international level, senior officials of the diplomatic corps, world experts in the field of science and technology, and representatives of small to medium sized companies operating in the fields of agriculture, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The goal of the meeting is to discuss the opportunities of employment and economic growth offered by Bioeconomy, a rapidly growing segment, powered by high levels of research, development and innovation in biological sciences, that the Obama administration considers a priority.
Undernourishment affects 925 million people worldwide, causing 36 million deaths per year. It is a problem that today is brought even more to the attention of the world by the recent inauguration of EXPO2015 on 1 May, dedicated to the theme “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”.
In the next 20 years, we will need 50% more food, 30% water and 50% of energy to feed 1.2 billion people more in the world however, in the last 20 years the increase of population has been much higher than the increase of yields per hectare of cultivated land, not to mention that today the total world area of cultivated land has dropped to 32%.
"Biostimulants are - and will increasingly be - a key tool to help meet global food demand. - Adds Prem Warrior - I am proud to represent Valagro at the Bioeconomy and Climate Change Forum, a company that has always believed in sustainable innovation in agriculture, by investing in a continuous manner and consisting of research and development to offer innovative and effective solutions for the nutrition and health of plants and thus give their contribution to a future of food security and environmental sustainability".