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VALAGRO targets Brazil: 10 million euros for the new plant at Pirassununga, San Paolo

Valagro, the Italian company which is a market leader in the production and marketing of low environmental impact fertilisers, is planning a 10 million euros investment in Brazil for the opening of its first manufacturing plant on the South American continent at Pirassununga, in the state of San Paolo.

The factory, once fully operational, will employ 20 office and production staff and will have two production lines for the processing and packaging of biostimulants and water-soluble solid fertilisers. Production will be some 8,000 tons per annum. The production site, which will occupy an area of 60,000 m2, will feature the most modern design and will be equipped with the latest technology that will allow production systems that fully respect human and environmental health.

This investment boosts the presence of the Italian Group in Brazil, where it has had its own branch since 1998, and is a first step towards future expansion in the Latin American market.

"The green light for the project for the construction of the plant at Pirassununga is a fundamental step in Valagro's global growth strategy,” Giuseppe Natale, Valagro Group CEO, said. “Agriculture has been an important sector of the Brazilian economy in the past and nowadays has a significant growth rate. Exports of agricultural products are continuously increasing and the sector now accounts for about one-third of GDP. Valagro intends to be part of this growth, making available to farmers our own solutions designed to ensure maximum efficiency while fully respecting human and environmental health."

To cope with the growing demand for food and growing affluence worldwide, Valagro believes that we must produce more while using fewer resources. This can be achieved by putting science to work for man through innovation while respecting health and the environment. At the base of Valagro's growth strategy, therefore, there is a constant commitment to research and development. The company annually invests more than 4% of its turnover in R&D, a figure that exceeds 3.5 million euros, and makes use of a broad international network of research organisations. An important investment not only in economic terms but also in innovation and sustainability, two fundamental pillars of the company. With more than thirty years' experience in the industry, the company has established itself as a market leader in biostimulants and chelated trace elements, developing innovative and effective solutions for agriculture.

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VALAGRO targets Brazil: 10 million euros for the new plant at Pirassununga, San Paolo