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Valagro launches e-Hub, its new digital hub

All the know-how on biostimulants and the world of plant nutrition, technical information and product support, company updates and many other features to improve agricultural production are now available in one app.

Valagro, a leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and speciality nutrients, presents e-Hub - a genuine digital hub that connects Valagro with its partners, customers, distributors and all users worldwide with an interest in biostimulants, fertilisers and the world of agriculture in general, all via a single app.
There are several factors that make e-Hub an effective support tool for decision-making in the context of agricultural production. In addition to updates and information from the world of Valagro, distributors, farmers and users all over the world will be able to find detailed technical information about nutritional solutions and how to use our products within their specific market with a simple click: all Valagro's know-how will be quickly and easily accessible in full from smartphones thanks to the app's user-friendly interface.
And e-Hub isn't simply an official repository for Valagro's know-how: it's also a platform for dialogue and digital exchange. Thanks to the app's built-in social networking features (social walls, instant messaging, group creation, etc.), users can "post" content, publish questions about products and get in touch with the Valagro team. Valagro's top clients – Platinum distributors – will have access to an Expert Club where they can get highly specialised support from Valagro's most experienced technicians.
Lastly, many new features will soon be added to the app, particularly with regard to precision agriculture systems.
Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro: "With e-Hub, we're bringing Valagro and the world of agriculture ever closer together. In addition to implementing the principle of customer centrality that has always guided our work, e-Hub represents a fundamental step towards achieving our long-term strategy: to become a leading company in the field of agricultural nutrition and biologicals by integrating and offering advanced products and added-value technology services to farmers all over the world".
Benoit Genot, Global Marketing Director at Valagro: "The great thing about e-Hub is that it helps us to get closer to our customers and to better understand their requirements, which vary according to the specific characteristics of their target market. e-Hub allows us to put Valagro's innovation and know-how into the hands of distributors, farmers and, more generally, all users worldwide. We can therefore quickly and easily provide them with real, highly-skilled and effective support, wherever they are in the world".


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