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Valagro launches the Arabic language version of its website

From today the world of Valagro solutions will be accessible to Arabic language users with timely, up-to-date and comprehensive content.

Valagro, group leader in production and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, has launched its own website in Arabic.
It is a choice that reflects an approach of ever-increasing internationalisation that has distinguished Valagro's approach since the 1990's, as well as the Valagro Group's philosophy of placing customers at the centre of its activities in order to meet their many needs.
"Securing information in an accurate, highly-specialised and ever-updated language, capable of illustrating all the Valagro solutions and more generally the activities that Valagro Group is involved in, is the first and most crucial step in strengthening relations with customers" announced Marco Rosso, Global Corporate Affairs Director of Valagro. "We want to put our Arabic customers, agricultural businesses and distributors, in the ideal situation in order to be able to interact with Valagro, from the moment that the customer is always at the fulcrum of every Valagro initiative".
The launch of the new website takes place only a few months after the restyling of the corporate site, a move aimed at meeting the increasing needs of a ever more diversified and global user base, which reflects Valagro's widespread distribution network that includes, amongst others, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan.
With the Arabic website version, Valagro therefore intends to capitalise on the potential of the internet and new technologies in order to strengthen its relations with the Arabic-speaking world.
In Arabic-speaking countries there are around 135 million internet users, a figure which is constantly increasing thanks to the use of mobile devices that today amount to around 400 million. According to a study conducted by the Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Dubai, around 41% believe that the lack of Arabic content is one of the main obstacles in internet usage (1).
In recent years, the numbers of users on the main social networks has skyrocketed. Facebook is the main platform, with 91% of Arabic-speaking social users, followed by Google+, YouTube and Twitter (2).

(1) Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government: The Arab World Online 2014: Trends in Internet and Mobile Usage in the Arab Region
(2) Source: Nama Center