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Valagro for Future Farming China: the management of water resources towards a sustainable future for Chinese agriculture is the central theme of the new edition of the Valagro event

Valagro’s commitment alongside Chinese farmers continues in order to promote an optimized use of resources, water in particular: a mission to which Valagro responds with the use of the new biostimulant, Talete.

Kunming (China), 25th June 2021 - Valagro, a leading company in the production and commercialization of biostimulants and other speciality nutrients, together with its subsidiary Valagro Shanghai, returns to China for the second appointment of the global project Valagro for Future Farming dedicated to Chinese market, with a live event entitled "Water management and crop production efficiency: Valagro's challenge for future farming in China" taking place on June 27th in Kunming, in the Yunnan region.

In line with the previous appointment, held in April in the Xinjiang region, the event will be focused on the challenges posed to Chinese agriculture in the field of sustainable resources management, involving scientific and academic personalities from the area. Among the guests attending the event, Mr. Zhang Geng from the National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center, MOA, Prof. Shen Tianlin from the College of Resources and Environment of Shandong Agricultural University, and Prof. Xu Fuli, from the Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, CAS & MWR.

The main theme of the discussion will be, in particular, how to reconcile the needs for productivity and profitability of farmers with the necessity of a sustainable management of production inputs. Among these, water plays a role of paramount importance, and Talete, the Valagro biostimulant developed from the unique GeaPower® technology platform, aims right at optimizing this precious resource.

Talete, formulated from plant-derived raw materials, is able to act directly on plant physiology to increase Crop Water Productivity, i.e. to increase production or economic yield for each unit of water used in crop production. This way, Talete provides precious support to crops both in case of adequate water availability and of permanent or temporary shortages.

Derek Fang, Country Manager Valagro Shanghai:

I am honored to represent once again Valagro’s Third Way in the discussion about themes of paramount importance such as the sustainable management of resources. Keeping in mind that, by 2050, we will have to feed 10 billion people, and that China alone accommodates almost 18% of the entire world population, we can realize the enormous pressure on our Country. Valagro’s commitment, now strengthened and amplified thanks to the collaboration of the Group with Syngenta Crop Protection, aims at responding to the needs of the farmers not only in China, but worldwide, in order to reach the goal of a more resilient and sustainable agriculture, both from a social and environmental point of view. With Talete, biostimulants and all Biologicals we try every day to see beyond the agriculture we know today, and to find new solutions that are able to give a concrete help to farmers in facing the challenges of the future.