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Valagro celebrates the opening of a new branch in Smyrna, Turkey

On the occasion of its participation in "Grow Agrotech", the largest international trade fair in Western Asia for professionals in the agricultural sector, held from 4 to 7 December in Antalya, Valagro celebrates the opening of its branch in Turkey, a country where its products have been on sale since the early nineties.With the new offices in Izmir (Smyrna), the number of subsidiaries in the Group now reaches twelve worldwide.

After its announcement of the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Brazil, the first for the Group on the American continent for the processing and packaging of solid, water-soluble fertilizers and biostimulants, Valagro continues along its path of internationalization and global expansion.

Today, Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world in the field of agriculture and thanks to the constant increase in exports in almost all types of agricultural products, it is one of the largest global producers.The agricultural sector remains one of the driving forces in the local economy, with approximately 6.2 million employees and a production of 62 billion USD in 2012.

"The participation of Valagro at this important reference trade fair for our industry on an international level and the opening of a new branch in the country confirm that the company is constantly projected towards development on the global stage," said Giuseppe Natale, CEO of the Valagro Group "Turkey represents for us a market with enormous potential, which we intend to focus on to strengthen our presence in the area of Western Asia."

During the fair, Valagro will present its wide range of innovative and effective solutions for the nutrition and care of plants, capable of meeting the needs of its customers, of obtaining the most abundant and best quality crops, by increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

The Group invests annually more than 4% of its turnover (approximately € 3.5 million) in research and development for the realization of highly innovative products.Thanks to the high level of scientific research conducted by the company and significant investment in research and development and the close partnership with the network of universities and research institutions that collaborate with the Italian Group internationally, Valagro has become leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants, environmentally-friendly fertilisers used in agriculture as a fertilizer also suitable for organic farming.

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Valagro celebrates the opening of a new branch in Smyrna
Valagro celebrates the opening of a new branch in Smyrna