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Valagro and IFDC agreed to collaborate

Valagro and IFDC agrees to collaborate to develop fertilizers with enhanced nutrient uptake to address specific needs of small farmers in the developing regions of the world.

Valagro, a leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and trace elements, and the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), an internationally reputed public organisation in the United States that deals with global food security, the fight against world hunger and poverty, environmental protection and promotion of economic development, have agreed to collaborate, on a nonexclusive basis, in the field of innovative fertilizers to enhance agricultural productivity and improve farm livelihood, with a particular focus on countries in Africa and South Asia. 

The collaboration between Valagro and IFDC will study the different application regimes and models for fertilizers, with the goal of improving their efficiency. It will also initiate research aimed at the production and validation of existing or new fertilizers under both controlled and farm conditions. Finally, the agreement will allow for an exchange of information in order to identify production systems, management practices, environmental factors, fertilizer products and other tools to achieve a more sustainable use of nutrients.

"This agreement is further evidence of Valagro's commitment to developing solutions that meet our customers' needs more closely and demonstrates the company's intention of contributing to innovation in the entire sector”- stated Prem Warrior, COO of the Valagro Group. - Valagro continues to carry out research and development programs both directly and through international collaborations with leading universities and scientific institutions, including the IFDC, and targets R&D investment of approximately at least 4% of total turnover annually.

IFDC through its newly developed Virtual Fertilizer Research Center (VFRC) aims to catalyse a process of enhanced research and development to arrive at innovative fertilizers that are readily taken up by plants and affordable for small farmers. Dr. Amit Roy, CEO of the IFDC, explains that it pursues an inclusive process to objectively inform the public about emerging products, enhance agricultural productivity, reduce negative environmental side effects and increase farm income.