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Ruvalverde S de RL de CV wins the Valagro Best Partner 2019 award

Valagro, a leading company in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, presented the Best Partner award for the year 2019 to the Mexican distributor Ruvalverde S de RL de CV today. The award is intended for Valagro customers who have achieved the largest percentage increase in sales in the past year, with reference to the most recently introduced innovative products on the market.
Due to the restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the award ceremony took place at the Ruvalverde headquarters in Arandas, in the state of Jalisco, a sign of Valagro's firm desire to express closeness and attention to its customers, especially in a critical moment like the present one. During the meeting, the General Manager Juan Raúl Ruvalcaba Guzmán, along with the technical and commercial staff of Ruvalverde, welcomed Guillermo Gómez González, Technical Sales Manager of Valagro Mexicana, who awarded the recognition on behalf of the Valagro Group.
Ruvalverde was given the recognition thanks to the excellent market results achieved by the Mexican distributor, due to its winning partnership with Valagro and its local branch. In particular, Ruvalverde recorded a 120% increase turnover in 2019, related in particular to Valagro biostimulants such as Megafol, Benefit and Viva and to the sale of specialty nutrients such as the Brexil and Ferrilene lines.

Juan Raúl Ruvalcaba Guzmán Director General of Ruvalverde S de RL de CV:

“It has been very important for us to have a commercial partner like Valagro who shares the commitment to support our clients, offering innovative solutions that allow them to achieve better nutrition and, therefore, enhance the performance and quality of their crops, taking care of and optimizing the production resources. We have been pleased to work with Valagro since the very beginning, thanks to the invitation made by the Technical Sales Manager Guillermo Gómez González, in the western part of the country. Through the years, we have been able to verify and reaffirm more and more the quality of their solutions obtaining excellent results and better crop performance. Thank you Valagro for these 10 years of working together, for the benefit to Mexican farmers.”

Fernando de la Cruz, Country Manager of Valagro Mexicana:

“We express our great satisfaction for the results achieved by our Best Partner 2019, Ruvalverde S de RL de CV, for their valuable contribution in offering farmers truly effective solutions for their crops, sustainable and innovative and for being an important part of the synergy with Valagro. This day concretely demonstrates the validity of Valagro's approach, based on Customer centrality: only by sharing business strategies and objectives and putting our commitment to innovation, in order to satisfy the needs of our customers, can we achieve success in the market and grow together with them”.