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Valagro USA at Commodity Classic

Valagro USA attended the 2013 Commodity Classic agricultural event in Orlando, Florida. This prestigious annual meeting brings together 2500 farmers representing millions of hectares of production focused toward crops like maize, soybeans, wheat and grain sorghum. 
The most important agricultural businesses attend Commodity Classic to present the highest technology currently available to producers. Important meetings conducted during the event discuss market trends, production methods, innovative technology, and current policies.
Valagro USA is representing an increasing position in this vast agricultural market.

Valagro USA has organized a new trade show presence which allows information exchange and technology transfer for our new CONSCIENCE to USA agricultural producers and markets.
Working with Helena Chemical Corporation, our USA Distributor, the Valagro USA team presented the latest technical information for including Megafol in production of these important crops to improve plant health and enhance production.
The Axilo line is also featured as important components to maintain quality production levels.

After the severe drought of 2012, producers in the USA are seeking new advice to protect their plants and increase production.
Truly, it is needed more than ever for agricultural producers to produce more with less. Valagro provides these answers and technical support of our advanced products.