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Great success for the presentation of Kendal Nem to Egypt’s major agricultural firms

Valagro, a leader in the production and marketing of biostimulants and specialty nutrients, recently presented Kendal Nem to the leading players in the Egyptian agricultural sector. The meeting, held on May 9 in Giza, was organised in collaboration with El Safa, one of Valagro's main distributors, and saw the participation of more than 160 people. The participants showed a great and active interest in Valagro's innovative approach and strong commitment to research and development which lie at the heart of the effectiveness of its solutions.

During the meeting, Valagro's team - comprising Alfredo Sgrignuoli, the Farm Product Manager, Onat Akdemir, the Crop Manager of Turkey & ME, and Essam Ghallab, the Sales Manager of Farm I-MEA - explained GeaPower, the unique technology platform developed by Valagro. The team also discussed the potential and benefits of Kendal Nem, a specific biostimulant based on the exclusive technology GEA099 that acts directly on the root system of plants in soil affected by nematodes, pests harmful to plants, increasing the growth of the plant and the strength of its roots. In fact, it does not act directly on nematodes but helps the plant to recover from the stresses caused by nematodes; the result for farmers is an increase in production in terms of both quality and quantity, even in hostile growing conditions.

"The high rate of participation in the event organised with El Safa," said, the product manager Alfredo Sgrignuoli, "is a sign of the growing interest of the Egyptian market in an innovative solution like that of Kendal Nem, suitable for the nutritional needs of various crops".